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Stewart Tucker Lundy was born in Camp Springs, Maryland on Andrews Air Force Base. At the age of 14, he was injured in a diving accident in shreveport, louisiana on a visit to see his brother.

The accident made him a c-4 c-5 quadriplegic incomplete. 

Stewart did his physical rehabilitation at john hopkins hospital located in baltimore, maryland. after rehab, he then went back to school, graduating  from friendly high school in oxen hill, maryland, and went on to howard university, getting his BA in communications.

After the loss of his parents, Mr. Lundy moved back down to the family home in Dade County, Miami, volunteering for his grandmothers school, which is also his name sake, Francis S. Tucker, who was the first black principle in Dade County.

He moved to colorado springs in the mid 90's where he did systems advocacy for the independence center, and also marketing for aspen diversified industries.

in april of 2010, stewart moved to denver, colorado with his wife, marci, and does independent consulting for the community of denver. stewart sits on the committee for the performing arts center in denver. in 2017, Stewart joined the ensemble theatre group, PHAMALY for his first acting role, where he portrayed the dignified President Franklin delano roosevelt in the stage play Annie.

Stewart has also been featured in the New York Times, Westword,,, a local Denver Paper, The Denver Post, and also a spokesperson for various companies, as well as sitting on various boards and commissions, such as Blueprint Denver, the public arts commission; as well as sitting on a committee for the arts and venues for the disabled, which strives to make denver more accessible for wheelchair users, also visually and hearing impaired individuals.

stewart enjoys traveling. he has traveled to miami, atlanta, virginia, england, new york, las vegas, and san francisco; he loves the seafood there.

stewart is also very active and enjoys outdoor sports, including gliding, for which he is currently trying to get his pilots license, as well as revisiting his early broadcasting roots as the creator of his podcast, the tucker chronicles, and being a producer and editor for his production company, Perspective media.

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