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Today was a really, really good day. If I’m being honest, all of them are.

I was confirmed for two board seats today; Colorado Disability Law, as well as Rocky Mountain Human Services. I wanted to dedicate this to two women, who have pushed me and reminded me of who I was during this pandemic.

First, my wife My Queen Marci. I look at the businesswoman that you have become, and it makes me absolutely proud of you, so proud to be your husband I Love you Sooo Much❤️. At times when I thought that I could not do it anymore, (getting back into life in the middle of a pandemic) you always reminded me that I carry the name of a great woman; my grandmother, Francis Stewart Tucker, one of the first black principles in South Miami, as well as other accomplishments that I can only dream of achieving.

Also, thank you so much, Former Councilwoman Mary Beth Sussman; you are truly a gift. ❤️ 


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