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I file this under Friday mini-flex 🎉. I have been fortunate to have acted and produced, even graced magazine covers. This time around, the space in between when these opportunities have presented themselves has been one, and then another, and then another. Like I said, I've been very fortunate. This time around, I am acting, doing prep work for that now, directing, doing prep work for that now, and also producing, all at the same time. Sometimes, it seems so surreal when I look back at things. I'm like, "Who is that guy? The New York Times want to talk to you. Why?" But they did. Someone wants to take your image and wrap it around a bus; that's pretty damn cool, but this is different. Everything is happening all at one time. I like pushing myself, to be quite honest. I really don't get excited about these things until after they happen. And I reflect on them, like I'm doing now, and I think to myself, at one time, you never wanted anyone to even look at you because you were afraid of what they would see: a man sitting in a wheelchair. But as I always say, my mother always had the words to make things understandable to me. "Stewart, have you ever wondered why they look at you? And when they do look at you, give them something to look at. Give them something to talk about." Well, Doris, I'm going to do that. I can't believe I'm doing this shit, oh my god 😱. Well, I'm going to thank you in advance, my dear Marci sauce, and to all the other fantastic individuals who have supported me. Reagan, you know🫵🏽 😊. Let's do this; it’s time to make up where I lost ground during the pandemic.


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